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Under Sink 7 Stages 75G RO System

(With Stand) Manual Flush:

•RO, PP FILTER, UDF, CTO, 75GDP RO, T3310A, T33-10A3, T33-10 J, With Stand and 40 oil Pressure gauge

•75G PUMP, Coil Transformer, 3pin Plug,

•Single 0 Ring Heavy Housing

•4.0G Plastic Tank, 4-color Tube

•Golden three-pronged pot faucet

•Colorful outer carton

•Solenoid valve+ black flush valve

•Dimensions: 42X29X76.5CM  

•Weight: 14.5 Kgs

You can make your own Filtration System by adding:

UV lamps

Alkaline Filter

Auto-Flush+ Mixing valve

Vano Pure with Stand
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